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T. Carter Dodd


T. Carter Dodd was sports editor of the Advocate from 1927-1947. He was born in Turkey, the son of missionaries. His commitment to the betterment of his Stamford community was visible throughout his life. He led the development of Friendship House, the first subsidized housing in Stamford, and was chairman of New Neighborhoods, the builder of Martin Luther King Apartments. He ran a radio ministry on Sunday mornings and was a local hospital chaplain. He also led the effort to renovate the old Cloonan School. It later became the South End Community Center.

T. Carter Dodd was instrumental in the construction of subsidized housing in Stamford. He helped to promote good race relations, was concerned about the unemployment in Stamford and developed non-profit housing for low-income families. He was a founder of the Committee on Training and Employment (CTE) and the former executive director of the Stamford-Darien Council of Churches and Synagogues.

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