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Walter H. Wheeler Jr


Mr. Wheeler was named president and chairman of Pitney Bowes in 1938 and led it for the next 3 decades. He graduated Harvard in 1918. He volunteered for the American Field Ambulance Service in 1916.


Walter Wheeler, Jr. won the award in 1949 for his work in race relation at Pitney Bowes. He instituted a plan to have the company’s workforce match the demographics of the Stamford community in 1940. Under his leadership Pitney Bowes gave its workers a profit sharing plan and a noncontributory retirement with the idea that the company should do what business should do. Wheeler was also involved in a variety of community groups and was directed the United Way, Stamford Hospital the Housing Authority, and the YMCA as well as being the national president of the United Community Funds, the precursor to the United Way

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