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Fred T. Allen


Fred T. Allen was chairman and chief executive of Pitney Bowes, Inc. from 1973 to 1982. He worked at Pitney Bowes for 45 years, beginning in 1938. He graduated from Brown University in 1938. Under Mr. Allen’s tenure, Pitney Bowes broadened its product line to include computer and office supplies, fax machine manufacturing and an office eqipment leasing unit. In 1981, expanded its service through “Postage by Phone.” This enabled customers to refill their postage meters by using a telephone menu rather than carrying part of the machine to a post office window.


Fred T. Allen was named Stamford Citizen of the Year in 1980 in recognition of his service as director of the Stamford Economic Assistance Corporation, the Connecticut Economic Development Corporation and regional divisions of the United Way. He helped to promote Stamford and Fairfield County as a location for corporate headquarters. Pitney Bowes completed its company offices in Stamford’s economically depressed south end.

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