Al Sanseverino


Al was selected as the City of Stamford’s Citizen of the Year - 2006 for his contribution of time and energy to a wide variety charitable and volunteer organizations.

Born in Stamford, in 1935, Al attended Rogers Elementary School, Cloonan Jr. High School, and J.M. Wright Technical School.

As an alumnus of J. M. Wright Technical School, Al founded the present alumni association, which serves the entire school, where previously there had been smaller associations which had served individual disciplines. During his tenure the School’s first football team was established, and through various fund raisers, the team was outfitted with equipment superior to that provided by state funding. Fundraisers eliminated existing debts of the athletic department, and uniforms were purchased for the cheerleaders. Al helped establish the school store, and funds were raised to purchase special equipment for the beauty school.

Al has made an everlasting impact to the Stamford community through his involvement and leadership in many organizations. He has served on the boards of Trinity Catholic High School, St. Clare’s Monastery, the Knights of Columbus, and the St. Camillus Auxiliary Committee. He is President of the Gravinese Mutual Aid Society.

Identifying the need for a strong auxiliary at St. Camillus, Al was instrumental in reactivating the auxiliary which raised in excess of $200,000 over 8 years to procure equipment for the facility not covered in the Diocese’s budget.

Al heads Camsan Electric in Stamford, and is also well respected within the Stamford business community

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