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Ben Reed

U.S. Marine Corps


What more can you say about Ben Reed’s military service? He was a decorated Marine Corps officer who served in not one but two wars. His first was as a Machine Gun Platoon Leader and later Military Police Officer on Guam and Maui during WW II. Then, he was recalled to active duty at the outbreak of the Korean conflict, as a Logistical Command Officer with direct responsibility to the Commanding General of the 1st Marine Division in Korea.

After his discharge with the rank of Captain, Ben launched a distinguished career as an Educator and Administrator both in New York State and Connecticut, including 16 years with the Stamford school system as an Assistant Superintendent for Support Service. Becoming active in Veterans’ Affairs, he joined the Marine Corps League and the American Legion, participating in numerous fund-raising activities, including “Toys for Tots” and “Adopt a Platoon”.

“Semper Fi”, Captain Reed. 

The Committee proudly selects you as one of its Honored Vets!

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