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Mary Hennig-Rosenblum

U. S. Air Force


Mary became interested in serving in the U.S. Air Force as a child while spending time at Andrews Air Force in Washington D.C. while her father fulfilled his reserve duty in the NATO research facilities as a Lt. Colonel. Following in her father’s footsteps, Mary joined the USAF through the Recruit Officer Training Corp at Manhattan College in New York, and served from July 28, 1981 until February 28, 1986.

She was first assigned as a 2nd Lieutenant to her first base, Mt. Home AFB in Idaho, where she took the post at the 366 Supply Squadron, TAC, as a Combat Supply Organization officer. Her primary responsibility was to control all repair cycle support of approximately 1000 F-111A aircraft and maintenance material control repair cycle monitor function, where she supervised 27 people over a 24 hour week operation.

Next, she was transferred to the 40th Supply Squadron (USAFE), Aviano Air Base Italy. The base supported F-16 and F-5 aircraft and defense communication requirements throughout Italy. There she was assigned to a major’s position as Wing/Base Material Support Officer. Mary also was assigned to wartime duties in the base survival recovery center where she was able to quickly learn the details of the job under the pressure of local exercises. As Lt. Col. Gary E. Whittlinger stated in her review, her ability to focus on many problems created greater effectiveness in the processing, research, and technical order maintenance programs in support of aircraft and communications customers. In addition, he stated, Mary ensured that the equipment data bank accuracy rate remained exceptionally high at 99.7 percent, which was two points above the worldwide accuracy rate. He commended her ability to generate enthusiasm and a strong degree of loyalty and cooperation toward the mission. Her caliber as an officer was considered one to model for all officers.

During her service Mary earned the medal of AF Commendation, AF Outstanding Unit Award, AF Longevity service award, small arms expert marksmanship, AF Training ribbon, and AF Overseas Long Tour Ribbon.

Having honorably completed her service, Mary continued her education at Manhattanville College where she earned a Masters in Professional Service concentrating in special education and elementary education, before going on to teaching, now at Villa Maria here in Stamford. Throughout her teaching career one of her primary goals were to instill in the youth a greater sense of loyalty and patriotism for our country.

COTY is proud to salute Mary as a 2022 Honored Veteran.

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