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Rolf Rosenthal


Rolf Rosenthal, one of our Honored Vets is not an American by an accident of birth.  He is an American because this country opened its doors to him when he fled his native Germany during WWII.  Rolf’s story is not of the usual humdrum variety; but then again, Rolf is not your usual, humdrum type of guy.  He emigrated to the U. S. and immediately joined the American Army.  He actually acquired his citizenship status while on active duty, being sworn in at an Army base in Virginia.  


Properly and effectively utilizing his language skills and his native intelligence, the Army deployed Rolf back to Europe where he served with honor and distinction in a number of Military Intelligence assignments.  At war’s end, Rolf declined an offer of permanent military status and instead, returned to civilian life in the U. S. where two important things happened to him.  He embarked on a distinguished Merchandising career with several top retailing chains, and more importantly, he met and married the love of his life, June Rosenthal, our Citizen of the Year.  With a great family, many friends, Rolf and June are celebrating 58 years of wedded bliss and are delighted you are able to share in their joy.

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