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Terrence McGrath

U. S. Navy


Terrance McGrath was born on August 31, 1950, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stamford, Connecticut. He attended St. Mary’s grade school and Stamford Catholic High School, where he graduated with the class of 1968.

The following November, Terrance enlisted in the United States Navy, where he earned the rank of Third Class Petty Officer E-4 prior to his honorable discharge after four years, in November, 1972.

During his time in the Navy, Petty Officer McGrath was assigned to the USS Ogden LPD-5, a Austin-class amphibious transport dock that had been commissioned from 1965 through 2007 and was assigned to Assault Craft Unit One (ACU-1) a Pacific Ocean Maritime Prepositioning Force in the United States Navy.

The Ogden was a type of designated Landing Craft Utility (LCU), and with a capacity of 100 tons, it would transport anything the Battalion Landing Team (BLT) needed. A BLT was composed of 900 marines including trucks, jeeps, Amtrak, tanks and all supplies, ammo, equipment, etc.

During the Marine operations Petty Officer McGrath and his crew, composed of an officer and five to six enlisted men, transported from the ship to landing areas to assist the BTU with resupply as needed. Each crew making the transport was.

After his honorable discharge, Terrance was appointed to the Stamford Fire Department in June 19, 1978 where he served with distinction for 35 years.

Terrance married and settled in the Glenbrook section of Stamford with his wife Deborah, where they raised their son Daniel. Terrance and Deborah’s families go back for generations in Stamford, where they have had Fathers, Uncles and an Aunt who served in WWII and Vietnam.

COTY is proud to salute Terrance McGrath as a 2022 COTY Honored Veteran.

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