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Genie D. Camacho

U.S. Air Force


Born in Alabama, Genie Camacho’s family moved to New York City when she was seven. The oldest of three sisters, she graduated from James Monroe High and then Mt. Sinai School of Nursing. Genie joined the Air Force Reserves in 1967 working as a Psychiatric Nurse, RN, after an Air Force recruiter impressed her with a presentation on Aerovac Nursing.  


“Since my specialty is Psychiatry, I was eager to maintain my nursing skills and see the world. Over my 28-year career, I have seen the world and had several endearing experiences as a Flight Nurse Instructor/Examiner.” As so she has. Missions Genie has flown over her military career include Greenland, Southwest Asia, Vietnam, Africa, Central America, Cuba, Panama, Iceland, Portugal and Desert Storm/Desert Shield. When she retired from service in 1996, it was with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.


Over the course of Genie’s service in the Air Force, Air Force Nurse Corps Reserve and Air Force Corps Guard, the list of medals decorations recognizing her accomplishments are numerous, ranging from Meritorious Service, Air Force Commendation and Combat Readiness to Southwest Asia Service and Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit with the most recent being awarded last October when she received the Connecticut War Time Service Medal. Genie also is a charter member of Women in Military Service for America.


Genie received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from City College of New York in 1973, and in 1974 she married Tito Camacho. The couple has a daughter, name, and two grandsons, names. Genie and Tito moved to Stamford in 1990, and she currently works part time as a Psychiatric Nurse Supervisor at Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan.

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