City of Stamford Citizen of the Year –2022


Richard W. Redniss*, Co-Chair
Gary H. Stone, Co-Chair  
Jami Sherwood*, Program Coordinator



Citizen of the Year Selection Committee:

Juanita T. James – 2009 Recipient - Selection Committee Chair
Courtney Nelthropp – 2022 Recipient
Cathy Ostuw – 2019 Recipient  
Stephen Fischer – Commander Jewish War Veterans Post 142
Tom Cassone – At-large
Bill Brucker – At-large

Scholarship Selection Committee: 

Richard W. Redniss* – Co-Chair, and Founder
Gary H. Stone – Co-Chair, and Founder
Rosalie F. Stone – Founder
2023 COTY Recipient 
Jeri Appel
Mark Appel
Stephen Fischer  
Bob Granata
Juanita James*
Polly O’Brien Morrow*
Arty Selkowitz*

Veterans Selection Committee: 

Stephen Fischer
David Kaplan
2023 COTY Recipient
Richard W. Redniss*
Gary H. Stone

Program Committee:


Bill Arnone
Tom Cassone
Lynne Colatrella
Natalie Coard
Kim DePra
Lisa Feinberg
Matt Feinberg
Stephen Fischer
Jodi Gutierrez
Juanita James
Ray Mazzeo
Polly O’Brien Morrow
Richard W. Redniss
Jami Sherwood
Gary H. Stone
Vincent Tufo
Christine Young
Jon Winkel

*COTY Recipient